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It’s our birthday! 17 years since I chose a name for my new virtual assistance business and registered it. Getting online easily was fairly new, and I still had to use a dial-up modem that took out the telephone line, but I was excited by the prospect of supporting business owners anywhere whilst working from […]

It’s our 17th Birthday

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It’s that time of year again, time to fill in your tax return. Of course we have a spreadsheet system for that!

Self Assessment Income & Expense Tracker Spreadsheet

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We’ve been pleased to be helping a good friend, John Lamerton, with a spreadsheet to accompany his new book – Routine Machine: How successful people improve their morning routine, daily habits and guarantee themselves results. It’s a 30/60/90 day tracker spreadsheet, built in Google sheets so that it can easily be used and shared. It can […]

What gets measured gets managed

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Now and again you might want to print out the contents of a spreadsheet worksheet, perhaps for an attendance list or address database for an event. Excel spreadsheets don’t really have default settings to have them print nicely on a standard A4 page, as you might find in Word, and you will have probably experienced […]

Scaling an Excel worksheet to print to an A4 page


… He wasn’t getting any hits! I’m not sure I could develop a passion for baseball. I’ve never really been much of a sports fan at all. However on Thursday I arrived, with my husband Richard, at a hotel in Toronto. It was quite late in the evening and we decided to get a bite […]

Why did the baseball player shut down his website?


A spreadsheet is a great place to enter tables of data, such as price lists, but to enter records a row at a time from left to right isn’t always user friendly. Did you know that there’s a handy form feature so you can create a data entry form, making it much more intuitive to […]

How to create a data entry form in Excel


How do you know where your website visitors come from? If you’re posting links to your website on social media, or on other websites, do you know which source refers the most people? If you’re using Google Analytics one of the most useful reports you can look at is the Source/Medium report and you’ll find […]

Where do your website users come from?


Do you know how to find out what people are looking for once they’re on your website? Today’s tip is how to use Google Analytics to give you the answer. Firstly, you’ll need to have a search facility on your site, and you’ll need to know what parameters appear in the url of your website […]

What are people searching for on your website?


Today I’m going to show you how to create a drop-down list in Excel; and not just any old drop-down list but one where if you change the items in your list, then the drop-down that you’ve created will also change. You may be familiar with using Data Validation already for creating a dropdown list. […]

How to create a dynamic drop down list in Excel


I was very pleased to take part in a webinar masterclass with Call Centre Helper, all about how to design a forecasting spreadsheet. We discussed: Latest Forecasting Methods Regression based forecasting techniques – Holt Winters and ARIMA Building External Factors into the Forecast – Weather, Marketing, Mailings Removing outliers Useful Excel functions Correlation of data […]

Designing a Better Forecasting Spreadsheet