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Once you understand your numbers building your business becomes so much easier.

helping you unlock your data stories

We believe you have all the power you need in the software you probably already own. Maybe you just need a little help to make the most of it?

We're professional Excel developers. With the right formulas and maybe a little Visual Basic for Applications code we can help you take control of your information and  processes, and fast.

So you can get back to working on your business with confidence in your tools and the decision-making insight to grow.

There's so much data coming at our businesses every day that it can sometimes be hard to make sense of it all. Do you need the fanciest app, the latest platform, the newest tool? 

how do you make sense of your data?

To collect data your online tools need setting up right and they need to talk to each other 

Online Tech Setup


Monitor what's going on in your business. Capture and measure your metrics.

Business Dashboards


Calculators, worksheets, applications - your every day processes made more streamlined and beautiful.

Bespoke Spreadsheets


what path will you take?

jonty pearce, director, Call centre helper

“Jo makes Excel look less like a spreadsheet (with grids and tables) and more like a high-end presentation.”

Helen Sanders, Managing Director, Wingrove Tailored

“LOVE LOVE LOVE! Boy, you’re good. The spreadsheet looks and feels far nicer. Awesome!”

Stuart Morrison, Director, Mister Metric

“Thanks for the dashboard. Your work looks amaze-balls.”

Paul Stephenson, Finance Director, Results International Ltd

“I am very pleased with the spreadsheets as they’ve worked a treat and wow’d my clients.”

Kind Words

"Oh, the stories data would tell, if there were a teller to tell them well"

nancy duarte


To grow your business you're not only going to need a great strategy, but also the right tools and actionable metrics. I want to help you see where the opportunities are in your data so you can scale up - and I believe you probably already own the software that will help you do that.

Total numbers geek, productivity obsessed, tech-lover and data visualiser helping businesses understand their numbers, use tools that bring joy and achieve game-changing results.

Hi, I'm Jo.


mike legassick, behavioural investment coach

"I needed an extremely complicated bespoke spreadsheet built. I spoke to many people, but Jo was the only one up to the task. Jo was extremely helpful and patient and would not stop until I had exactly what I wanted. Nothing was too much trouble. Worth every single penny."

custom spreadsheet

tom winyard, tm costings ltd

"Joanne quickly and smoothly created a solution that looked professional and met all our requirements. We could confidently take the end product to our clients and it slim lined our working processes."

spreadsheet calculator

dave collins, software promotions

"Jo built this incredibly easy to work with solution, that makes what was a nightmarishly difficult job in to something that’s very quick and easy. Working with Jo was an absolute pleasure. She took all the complexities away. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s saved us so much time and we’re so pleased that we worked with her."

bespoke application

real results