Anything that gets monitored and measured is improved, or so the saying goes. Whatever your business there's likely to be a handful of numbers that can tell you how you're doing at a glance.

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Every business is different, but there are probably between 10 and 15 numbers that you can track regularly that would allow you to see at a glance if you're heading in the right direction.

what are the metrics you could track on a weekly basis?

Make sure you're on track for your vision

Think about tracking both input measures (e.g. marketing spend or meetings arranged) and output measures (e.g. new clients or revenue). Your scorecard isn't for managing your whole business, just allowing you to focus on where you want to be and enable you to deliver your plan.

If you set targets properly so that they mean something then once you've tracked the numbers for a while you'll be able to see patterns and trends and even start to be able to predict the future.

"If you can't read the scoreboard you don't know the score. If you don't know the score you can't tell the winners from the losers"

You can make the scoreboard your own. Personalise and tailor it for your business and get tracking the things that matter.

see instantly whether you're above or below target with red and green automatic formatting

compare to the previous week and over
rolling 13 weeks

track up to 15 metrics weekly with adjustable targets

easy to use google sheet or EXCEL SPREADSHEET

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download our business scorecard and dashboard

choose 3 of your metrics that represent your sales funnel and see the conversion rates at each stage

select metrics to chart on a separate dashboard

You don't need to wait to start tracking the measures that will tell you whether you're on or off track.

We want every business to be doing this so we made it accessible to all.

For just £27 you can get immediate access to your own copy of the spreadsheet now.

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jonty pearce, director, Call centre helper

“Jo makes Excel look less like a spreadsheet (with grids and tables) and more like a high-end presentation.”

Helen Sanders, Managing Director, Wingrove Tailored

“LOVE LOVE LOVE! Boy, you’re good. The spreadsheet looks and feels far nicer. Awesome!”

Stuart Morrison, Director, Mister Metric

“Thanks for the dashboard. Your work looks amaze-balls.”

Paul Stephenson, Finance Director, Results International Ltd

“I am very pleased with the spreadsheets as they’ve worked a treat and wow’d my clients.”

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